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Public guided tour: Border Crossings



DI 13.07.21 19.30 - 20.30
DI 24.08.21 19.30 - 20.30


 Kunstmuseum Bern
Hodlerstrasse 8 - 12
3011 Bern


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North and South Korean Art from the Sigg Collection

The exhibition allows the public a close look at the Korean Peninsula, divided since 1953. A 250-kilometre border of barbed-wire fences and anti-tank barriers divides Korea into two states which could not be more different from one another. Equally divergent is the art produced simultaneously in the two countries.

The North fosters a socialist-realist tradition of painting, while in the South a vital contemporary art examines the irreconcilability of the two political systems and the lived reality of the population. In the exhibition, the contrasting world-views engage in a dialogue with one another and invite the public to approach Korea’s history as well as its present.

Selected works from the Sigg Collection form the starting-point of the exhibition and set visitors on a journey through Korean art from the 1970s until the 2010s. During his time as Swiss ambassador to China, Uli Sigg was also ambassador to North Korea (1995 – 1998). This gave him both a profound insight into North Korean reality and the unique opportunity to acquire works.

Curator: Kathleen Bühler / Curatorial assistance: Stefanie Marlene Wenger

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: Entrance fee + CHF 5

Your health and safety are important to us. We have therefore implemented a number of protective measures in our museum to ensure that your visit is pleasant and safe. Public guided tours are offered again. However, we are obliged to collect the following personal information from you during public events: Name, first name, telephone, e-mail. The contact details are for your safety and allow us to trace any possible infection. If you would like to take part in a public event, you can fill out the contact form and bring it with you. Wearing a hygiene mask in the museum is mandatory.



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